Early Money is the Key

Diane canvassing 2We are not even at Memorial Day yet, but after a long winter it already seems like we are basking in the luxury of summer. Gardens are alive, people are out on bikes, election day is a world away.

But for those of us that work in politics we know that it is high season for campaigns. Petitioning will start in the next few weeks and we will kick our efforts into high gear to get names on the ballot for voters to consider in September’s Primary and November’s General Election.

And next year we will have at least 1 and possibly 2 women running for the highest office in the land. With a woman on the Presidential ticket more women will run, and hopefully more will win down the ballot in state and local races.

So, if you care as WE do about electing more women to office now is the time to get serious.

A Fortune Magazine article reminded me again about the importance of money and the barriers to it for female candidates.

Men donate to campaigns at a much higher rate than women.

And both men and women donate to male candidates before female candidates.

And early money makes a disproportionate difference in a race. That is where Emily’s List got it’s name – Early Money is Like Yeast.

And so we are lucky to have Emily’s List and a newer PAC PwC donating to female candidates early in races.

Those groups, though, focus on Congressional Races. What about the women running at the local level that may someday aspire to Congress or the Senate or even the Presidential ticket? They have to start somewhere. And we need to support them as they rise.

So, I ask you – if you are serious about supporting gender parity in public office – open your wallet now. Before Memorial Day. Support the women who are running and you feel will represent your local community. Find those women who have been active and who share your values. Donate to them. Ask your friends to donate. Knock on a few doors or host a house party so they can meet your neighbors.

Do it now. Do it all summer. Support your local women who will be the real change makers in your community.