This issue has come up a lot lately – the confidence gap between men and women.  Why is it that women are so quick to question themselves, their decisions and their worth compared to their male counterparts? And what does this questioning do to us in all areas of leadership?

I don’t believe I have the answers. And I am certainly not saying that women should forgo the questioning because I think it plays a role in making careful decisions.

But in my opinion we need to be very self-aware of when we are questioning to make sure that we are not undermining our own confidence and ability.

So I had been thinking about this issue when I received the class description for our first group class for WE PAC, that we are entitling “Being Fearless”.

Dr. Gloria Zemer of BlackDog Strategies created this class and while I knew it would be an important first step in the development of the leadership program for WE PAC, it was not until I read what she wrote that I realized the full impact it can have on the women in the program (and on me as well).

Here it is:
Goal one for any well intentioned change agent and thought leader should be to make peace with fear. If you intend to hold your own and dare a path forward then you must be prepared to face down fear in a fierce show of will and indefatigable purpose on a regular basis. Identifying your reserve of courage ensures that you will lead with the confidence, credibility, and authority necessary to conquer the challenges of our day.

Topics: (at this knowing point)
The quickest ways to dilute your power and sell out
Resilience and potential
When and how to be exceptional
Adversity as an ally
Public service vs human sacrifice

I am so excited about this class because I believe it will give me, and the women in our program, the permission to accept our own talents and to use them for the greatest good! I believe this has the potential to make us strong and confident without having to sacrifice that uniquely feminine trait of questioning ourselves and our goals and motives. And in my opinion, that is the goal of WE PAC, to develop our capacity as women to be strong leaders so that we can move forward the agenda that we believe will strengthen our families, our communities and our country!