WEA Article 7 – Remote Access to Orders of Protection for DV victims

From New York Women’s Equality at:  http://nywomensequality.org/10-point-plan/

7. Creating a Pilot Program for Remote Access to Orders of Protection (Senate Bill 5878)

• In order for a victim to obtain a court order to protect them from someone who harms or threatens to harm them or their family, also known as an order of protection, he or she must testify in front of their abuser in court.
• Between 33-77% of victims of domestic violence report that the process of obtaining and the act of receiving a civil order of protection ends the violence, demonstration that this process is essential in the struggle against domestic violence.

The Women’s Equality Act would:

Authorize the creation of a pilot program to allow domestic violence victims to testify remotely

Like I said in the previous post, we all need to remember that domestic violence is about power.  Namely the power to intimidate.  So I want you to imagine that you have been a victim of this manipulation and power and finally have the courage to break free – to get away.  And then, in order to make it legal you have to face the source of the manipulation face to face and accuse them.

Then imagine that you can go in front of a judge, without your accuser staring at you from across the room.

Stand in the victims shoes for just a moment and the impact of this legislation becomes crystal clear.