Early Money is the Key


We are not even at Memorial Day yet, but after a long winter it already seems like we are basking in the luxury of summer. Gardens are alive, people are out on bikes, election day is a world away. But for those of us that work in politics we know…

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WEA Article 9 – Ending Pregnancy Discrimination


From New York Women’s Equality at:  http://nywomensequality.org/10-point-plan/ 9. Ending Pregnancy Discrimination (Senate Bill 5880) • Despite our nation’s civil rights laws, workplace discrimination against pregnant women is on the rise, posing a significant threat to family economic security. • Pregnant women, especially low-wage women in physically demanding jobs, frequently get…

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Shame on you Buffalo Common Council members.  Politics before Representation should be the motto now hung over each of your doors.  The population of the City of Buffalo is 52% female, yet all nine council members are male.  Let me remind you, gentleman, that in 2015 this will not go…

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