Campaign Finance Reform in NY!


There is no other single piece of legislation that can positively, directly and immediately impact the number of women and minority candidates that can successfully compete for office than public financing of elections. Governor Cuomo has again introduced legislation to reform campaign finance and offer a matching system of public…

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WEA Article 5 – Ending Housing Discrimination


From New York Women’s Equality at: 5. Ending Discrimination in Housing based on Domestic Violence Victim Status & Source of Income (S.5876) • Women are disproportionately affected by intimate partner violence, with more than one in three women experiencing rape, physical violence and/or stalking by an intimate partner in…

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Shame on you Buffalo Common Council members.  Politics before Representation should be the motto now hung over each of your doors.  The population of the City of Buffalo is 52% female, yet all nine council members are male.  Let me remind you, gentleman, that in 2015 this will not go…

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WEA Article 4 – End Familial Status Discrimination

Business mom with baby.

From New York Women’s Equality at: 4. Ending Familial Status Discrimination (Senate Bill 5875) • State law protects against familial status discrimination in housing and credit, but not employment. • Women with children are less likely to be recommended for hire and promotion, and more likely to receive less…

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